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Exalte' Live Talk Radio 
Unplugged    Unchained     Unmatched
Meet the Exalte' Live Team
Inspired by Desha' Ringe 
Fashion for the Spring
Table Talk with Exalte'
 Exalte' Live Radio
Exalte' Live Radio
Easter Traditions with Exalte'
Inspired with Naomi of                                       Timeless Bride
Wedding Fashion 
Table Talk with Exalte'                        
Spring Break
Inspiration about weight loss
Swimsuit Fashion for all body types
Festivals/Dating Game
Exalte' Live Radio
Weathering the Storm
Inspired with Debbie Charlton 
of Infirmary Health Systems
Fashion in the Workplace
Trial Size Everything
Exalte' Live Radio
Exalte' Live Radio
Mother's Day with Exalte'
Inspired with Jody of Soleful Styles
Shoes, Shoes and more Shoes!
Table Talk with Exalte'
Exalte' and Dating
Be good to yourself!
The beauty of a Nap
Exalte' Live Radio
Memorial Day with Exalte'
Ways to give back from 
1 min to 4 plus hours
Fashion Come Backs
Iconic Celebrities and how 
to leave your Footprint on the world
Exalte' Live Radio
Pet Inspiration
Pet Fashions and on the Runway
Part 1 - Tips on Automobile 
Marriage and Fashion
Exalte' Live Radio
What's Happening with Exalte'
Don't let Hardships Define You
The Colors of Fashion
Auto Buying Tips/Car Detailing Part 2
Exalte' Live Radio
Exalte' Live
Life on the Fly with Exalte'
How you know you need a spa
Life Saving Beauty Tips
Tips for Asthma & Allergy

Exalte' Live 
Exalte' Live
4th of July Fun!
Get Back to Traditional Dating even when you 
are Married
How to have Melt Proof Makeup
Healthy recipes - Pizza!
Inspired with Exalte'
Comic/Superhero Fashion 
Boutique Bridal Shows